Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning and Trip Preparation

‘Travelling along a mountain road you are watching the sunset from the back of a truck. Moments later you find yourself involved in a crash.’

Are you prepared for the next 24 hours?

Are you responsible for your travel or expedition safety? If so, Travel Health Consultancy has the experience and expertise to make sure you ‘expect the best but plan for the worst’.

Many incidents which occur whilst travelling or on expedition are preventable with appropriate pre-travel advice, planning and screening.

From pre-trip preparation to post-trip briefings we will help you build a dynamic contingency plan which will be straightforward and comprehensive. In addition, Travel Health Consultancy is able to recommend a number of excellent organisations that provide travel and expedition first aid training, risk assessment courses  and expedition field skills.

Our background in expedition safety complemented with experience in ‘emergency preparedness’ will make sure the ‘what if…?’ question gets asked at the right time – before you leave.

If you would like to discuss your current contingency plans and pre-trip preparation, please contact us and we will be happy to help.