Other Services

Non-Travel Vaccinations and Services

Travel Health Consultancy offer a number of non-travel related vaccinations

  • Influenza – Seasonal flu protection
  • Pneumovax – Protection against pneumonia
  • Rotarix – Protection against rotavirus
  • Varivax – protection against chicken-pox
  • HPV – cervical cancer vaccine

For further information on the above and other vaccines, please see the NHS website www.immunisation.nhs.uk

Travel Health Consultancy can also offer a range of blood tests

  • Hepatitis A immunity
  • Hepatitis B immunity
  • Varicella zosta antibodies
  • MMR antibodies
  • Diphtheria antibodies
  • Tetanus antibodies
  • Polio antibodies
  • Rabies antibodies

Travel Health Consultancy can offer some of these vaccines as part of a corporate account strategy.

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