Wilderness Medical Training, Far From Help course

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In January 2012 the Wilderness Medical Training (WMT) ran a Far From Help course designed to go beyond basic first aid training and help to answer that all important question: “What would you do in an emergency situation?” The course was lead by James Moore; a travel consultancy nurse located in Exeter, who combined excellent teaching methods with basic and complex information to run an overall greatly successful course.

The course covered many aspects of emergency treatment, from chest and abdominal injuries to common infections that must be treated appropriately whilst far from any professional sources of Healthcare. It also contributed greatly to many whose confidence may have previously been shaken when placed in an emergency situation. Yet most of all, the course helped those gain knowledge on how to react when an emergency is presented unexpectedly, whether it be a family member breaking a bone, a stranger suffering from a life threating head injury, or a friend overcome with medical shock. The course was overall so successful, that an article by the Telegraph expressing the numerous benefits of the course was written, which can be viewed here.

The course was run by the Wilderness Medical Training, who have been around for the past 20 years providing courses for Medics and Explorers and inspiring many to join in with their association. They provide training in locations such as Chamonix, Morocco, Kenya and the UK, developing skills for medics and lay-people undertaking adventures in different climates, locations and situations. There is no doubt these courses are the best of their kind.

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