Jess Cosby – travels in difficult places

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So Jess, as well as being a complete star and covering for me when I disappear off on my adventures, also goes off on some pretty amazing trips too. Last autumn Jess decided that she wanted to get some experience and understanding of the troubles in the Middle East, especially around the Israeli-Palestinian unrest. So she went off to work with Christian Peacemaker Teams. “Why!” I hear you cry. Well, Jess being Jess, is not only interested in the health aspects of travel but also in the socio-political background which is inextricably linked to wider health issues.

She had the most amazing time in an incredibly challenging situation and certainly did gain a better understanding of the difficulties faced by one of the poorest populations in the world just trying to exist. She has written a small piece about her visit and it makes for some interesting reading.

So well done Jess for having the courage to visit one of the most volatile places on the planet and gain an insight into some of the issues.

Incidentally, Jess is now working for the next 12 months in Zimbabwe for Médecins Sans Frontières and there will be another blog update soon.

PDF written by Jess in Palestine


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